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Nawab Asghar Ali Khan was of one the most bright and animated poets of his time. The son-in-law of Nawab Muhammad Ali Shah and the disciple of celebrated poet Khwaja Haidar Ali Atish, Asghar, was one among the elites of Awadh. He also served as a minister in Bahadur Shah Zafar’s court for quite some time. Legend has it that after reciting his Ghazals he would casually fling them away. As a result, many of his couplets became popular among the people under the name of Atish. This extremely famous couplet, the writer of which was not known for a long time, also belongs to Asghar:

agar baḳhshe zahe qismat na baḳhshe to shikāyat kyā 
sar-e-taslīm ḳham hai jo mizāj-e-yār meñ aa.e