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Renowned Urdu poet of humor and satire, Dilawar Figar, participated in Mushairas under his pen-name ‘Shabab Badayuni’ in his youth. According to his childhood friend and compatriot Abdullah Bakhsh Qadri, ‘Dilawar used to recite his Ghazals in a quavering tone, his voice had a heartfelt languor to it; as if he was out of breath. In 1954, a small collection of his poems titled ‘Hadse’ was published. After this, some of his satirical poems highly impressed the locals, and in no time, he became Dilawar from Shabab. His first collection of satirical verses and Nazms,’Sitam Zarifiyan’, was published in 1963, the second collection came out as ‘Shamat-e-Amaal’, which was also awarded by the Uttar Pradesh government. In 1966, at the All India Satirists Conference organized in Hyderabad, he read the presidential address, and that too in verse. He later moved to Pakistan.