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Famous poet and writer Jagannath Azad (1918 - 2004) was an expert in Iqbal studies. His reverence to Iqbal was tantamount to the extent of affection. Belonging to Punjab, he was also his compatriot, but after the partition of India, he had moved to India. He wrote several important books on Iqbal, and was awarded many honors, including the Iqbal Samman.
Apart from Urdu and Persian, he was also well-versed in English. He had committed to his memory not only Iqbal’s Urdu poetry but also Persian. He often used to cite excerpts from Iqbal’s writings in English, too. Azad’s appetite for Iqbal studies drew him towards the world’s various destinations that have appeared in Iqbal’s poems. Iqbal’s timeless Nazm, ‘Masjid-e-Qurtuba’, took him to the mosque in Cordoba, Spain, where Iqbal offered his prayers. There, Azad bowed at each pillar and the Mihrab and took beautiful pictures from every angle. Later, he republished this Nazm along with the background of these pictures. Additionally, Azad also published all of Iqbal’s photographs that he could ascertain from his childhood to the very end of his life.