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Earlier, there used to be an interesting educational game called Sanam Amad, which was played at home to increase the vocabulary of Urdu and to develop it’s understanding among children. Coming from Iran, this game was first played in Persian and later Urdu; in it, one had to find counterpart words to each Urdu alphabet. As the game started, it sounded like this:
Sanam Amad? Kuja Amad? Az Iran Amad
It translates into: Did the friend arrive? From where? He arrived from Iran; Sanam Aaya, Kahaan Se Aaya? Iran Se Aaya.
Now words starting from Alif (A)- like clothes, food, weapons, vehicles- had to be told, followed by ‘B’, and so on. All the alphabets were practiced one by one. In this way, the children learned the language as well as names of the countries, cities, general knowledge, and evolved a presence of mind. Often this game was played in writing, under the guidance of elders, so that their spellings, too, could be corrected. Occasionally, the initial of a child’s name was also used in this game.