Shamim Jaipuri's Photo'

Shamim Jaipuri

1933 | Meerut, India

Prominent popular poet of Mushairas

Prominent popular poet of Mushairas

Pen Name : 'Shameem'

mirī ḳhushī se mire dostoñ ko ġham hai 'shamīm'

mujhe bhī is bahut ġham hai kyā kiyā jaa.e

meri KHushi se mere doston ko gham hai 'shamim'

mujhe bhi is ka bahut gham hai kya kiya jae

Shamim Jaipuri gained his popularity essentially as a mushaira poet. He is remembered for the quality of his voice and art of sing-song recitation. He was born at Jaipur in the state of Rajasthan in 1933 where he also received his early education.  Owing to his suitable literary temperament, he started composing poetry at an early age. He sought counselling on his poetry from Aziz Aagahi which helped him acquire maturity.

Jaipuri shifted from Jaipur to Meerut and settled there for good. Here, he came into fruitful contact with Jigar Moradabadi and Taskeen Qureshi. Jaipuri owes his classical tone and tenor to Jigar who influenced him considerably.