INDEX OF Artists

Selected poetry of hundreds of poets

A. R. Rahman is a well-known composer, singer-songwriter, music producer and musician from India.

One of the founders of modern Urdu criticism.

Prominent poet who mastered the poetic idiom of Lucknow poetry.

A poet of humour; published a collection of poems 'Andaaz-e-Bayaan'

Contempory Pakistani poet having a popular appeal.

Prominent poet from Mumbai, well-known to connoisseurs of serious poetry.

Abdul Hamid is a significant poet of the modern era and a renowned scholar. "Sabz Hawa Raushan Hai" is his published collection of poems.

Popular Poet with dominant romantic shades celebrating love and life.

A prominent literary figure from Bihar known for his poetry and other poetical compositions on a variety of subjects.

One of the rising stars of new generation Indian ghazal.

Widely-reputed Pakistani poet, well-known to serious poetry lovers.

An important poet of Hamd and Naat

Well-known fiction writer and translator from Pakistan; witnessed the travails of Partition and made it the subject of his writings.

One of the prominent women poets famous for the soft and lyrical tone of her poetry.

Pre-modern poet, known for blending the best of the classical and the modernist

Popular Pakistani poet who gave voice to peple's life experiences.

Popular poet of humour and satire, famous for his intersting way of recitation.

Afqar Mohani

1887 -1971

A poet of classical tradition, drew closely upon mystical poetry

Afroz Taj is a writer, poet, singer, and community leader. He produces a widely popular weekly radio program called Geet Bazaar that has thousands of listeners.

An important poet of Nazm from Pakistan

One of the leading Pakistani poets known for his layered poetic expression.

Pakistani poet, only second to Faiz Ahmad Faiz in popularity. Rose to iconic stature powered by his seductively romantic and anti-establishment poetry.

Poet and critic, known for his critical book on the art of Iqbal

One of the most prominent contemporary Pakistani poets

Most outstanding Pakistani, Progressive poet. Also counted among leading fiction-writers. Edited an important literary magazine Funoon.

Ahmed Jahanzeb Usmani is a pop singer and composer from Pakistan, who has also been trained in classical music by Ustad Rais Khan.

Well-known contemporary poet

A prominent ghazal poet from Pakistan, known for his novel perception of human emotions

Popular poet with great appeal among the masses, a representative of Ganga-Jamuni culture

Poet & researcher known for his long poem “Sochne Pe Pahraa hai" /Professor JNU

Poet known for his deeper understanding of tradition

One of the most well-known Pakistani poets, known for his poems on non-traditional subjects