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Salik Lakhnavi

Salik Lakhnavi

Salik Lucknowi is a poet we associate with the Progressive Writers Movement. He believed that progressivism is not limited to an age or place as it takes the broader human condition into consideration which concerns all poets in all times. This belief made him write with certain detachment as well as commitment. 
Salik was born on 16 December, 1913 at Lucknow. His father taught him Urdu, Persian, and English at home. His received his higher education in Calcutta. In the early years, he was associated with the Congress party but later joined the Communist party. He was based in Calcutta and suffered imprisonment during the Bengal famine. 
Salik’s books include Ghadar aur Deegar Afsaane, Pas-e-Sher, Be-Sar-o-Paa, Bengal Main Urdu Nasr ki Tareekh, and Kalaam-e-Salik.   

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