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Josh Malsiani

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Josh Malsiani

Josh Malsiani

Josh Malsiyani (real name Labhu Ram) was was born on February 1, 1884 in District Malsian, District Jalandhar. His father passed away when he was 14. He lived a life of extreme poverty because his father did not leave any heritage. Even the ambience was non-poetic. He lived in Malsiyan up to the age of 30-32, an area with no poetic flavour. His feat of becoming a poet in such an environment is a miracle indeed. He was very intelligent since childhood. Initially he made scenic beauty and morality the subjects of his poetry. After that he got interested in ghazal. Those days Faseeh-ul-Mulk Daagh Dehlvi was very high on popularity and he was his disciple in 1902 and continued up to 1905. After the death of Daagh, Josh did not take anyone else as a master for correcting his poetry and trusted his own taste and craft. . Although he consulted Naseem Bharatpuri, a disciple of Dagh, for correction. His published collection “Junoon-o-Hosh” in 1951 received critical and popular acclaim.

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