Mohsin Kakorvi

Anwarul Matabe, Lucknow
1872 | More Info

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Mohsin Kakorvi

Mohsin Kakorvi

Moulavi Mohsin Kakorvi was born on 1837 in a town named Kakori, in Lucknow district. His initial education started at his home where his father Moulvi Abdul Rahim started teaching him. He studied poetry under Hadi Ali Ashk who was a very famous poet of his time.

He passed the exam of high court, and  practiced law in Mainpuri. He was extremely talented right from his childhood. He began is poetry career with 'Ghazals' and 'Masnavis' but later shifted to 'Naatiyaa' genre of poetry and practiced it exclusively for the rest of his life.

He was the great grandfather of Hassan Ahmed Alvi who is the son of Faizan Alavi, presently living in Karachi, Pakistan and just like his father and ancestors he is also extremely interested in reciting naats.

His Kulliyat was published by his elder son Moulvi Nurul Hasan. His Qaseeda "Samt-e-Kaashi se chala jaanib-e-Mathura Baadal" and his masnavi "Charaagh-e-Kaaba" to describe "Shab-e-meraaj" are quite popular even today. His poetic work includes, Fughaan-e-mohsin (1872), Guldasta-e-mohsin (1885), Kulliyat-e-Mohsin (1905), Nazm-e-Dil Afroz etc. Mohsin Kakorvi died on 24 April 1905 in Mainpuri due to illness of diarrhoea.

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