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Mustafa Zaidi

Lahore Academy, Lahore
1960 | More Info
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    Khvaja Moinuddin Chishti University, Lucknow

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Mustafa Zaidi

Mustafa Zaidi was a poet from Pakistan who wrote ghazals and nazms. He was born in India and was known as Tegh Allahabadi. He later migrated to Pakistan where came to be known as Mustafa Zaidi. Zaidi was married to a German woman. He was employed with the Pakistan Civil Services and was dismissed later. In 1970, he was found dead in Karachi along with an un-consciuous woman with whom he was believed to have an affair. It is widely believed that both may have attempted suicide by ingesting poison, however it is yet to be ascertained. Zaidi's famous contemporaries was Nasir Kazmi, also a poet who was born in India but spent his poetic life in Lahore, Pakistan. inhin paththaron pe chal ke agar aa sako to aao mere ghar ke raaste mein koi kehkashan nahi hai (Come, if you can walk on the the stones-ridden path to my house For there is no galaxy on the way which leads to my house) (by Encyclopedia)

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