aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere


Author : Mulla Ramuzi

Publisher : Matba Gilani, Lahore

Year of Publication : 1931

Language : Urdu

Categories : Humorous, Feminism

Sub Categories : Prose

Pages : 434

Contributor : Haider Ali

aurat zaat

About The Book

ملا رموزی کے طنز و مزاحیہ مضامین کا مجموعہ بعنوان "عورت ذات " زیر تبصرہ ہے۔ جس میں مختلف ملکوں اور شعبوں سے تعلق رکھنے والے لوگوں کی بیویوں کے مختلف روپ کو مزاحیہ انداز میں بیان کیا ہے۔ کتاب کے ابتد امیں بیوی کی تعریف، بیو ی کی ضروریات وغیرہ کی تعریف و تشریح ملا رموزی نے اپنے منفرد انداز میں بیان کی ہے۔ مضامین کے عناوین جیسے کسان کی بیوی، مزدور کی بیوی، مہاجن کی بیوی، امریکہ کی بیویاں، افریقہ کی بیویاں، ہندوستان کی بیویاں، حلوائی کی بیوی وغیرہ موضوعات سے ہی کتاب میں شامل طنز و مزاح مواد کا اندازہ ہوتا ہے۔ قارئین ان مضامین کے دلچسپ اور مزاحیہ اسلوب سے ضرورمحظوظ ہوں گے۔

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About The Author

Mullah Ramuzi is known in our literature as the inventor of Gulabi Urdu. Gulabi Urdu in its own words means to change the order of the words in the sentence. For example, first the verb then the subject and the object, in this way, the style of translation from Arabic to Urdu is created. Of course it is fun, but after a while the reader gets tired.

Mullah Ramuzi's real name was Siddique Irshad, he was born in 1896 in Bhopal. This was not his homeland. His father and uncle came from Kabul (Afghanistan) and settled in Bhopal. Both were scholars, so they were awarded high jobs. After completing his primary education in Urdu, Persian and Arabic, Siddique Irshad entered the Madrasa-e-Ilahiyat in Kanpur. It was during this time that he became interested in essay writing. His articles were published in standard journals. Now he changed his pen name to Mulla Ramuzi and became famous in the world of literature by the same name.

As the independence movement gained momentum in the country, Ramuzi, too, could not remain unaffected. He had a good eye on political issues. He started writing humorous articles against the government which were liked. Many magazines took pride in making him editor. After that he became a teacher in Wahidiya Technical School. He passed away in 1952. 

As well as being a prose writer, Mulla Ramuzi was also a poet and orator. He also had administrative ability. Taking advantage of this, he set up several associations for the promotion of knowledge and literature, but his real fame came with the Gulabi Urdu of which he is the inventor. A unique book of his was published in 1921 under the name "Gulabi Urdu". He had a general acceptance, but he knew that this general acceptance was not lasting. So he made politics his permanent subject and adopted simple language. Satire was his natural expression. Therefore, even in simplicity, the light color of humor remained and it was liked. 
He writes that his articles are important only because “Main Haqiqat Ka Daman Nahin ChhoDtaa.” The atrocities of the government, social injustice and social ills force him to write whatever he writes under the guise of humor. 

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