Author : Azad Gulati

Publisher : Friends Book, Punjab

Origin : Punjab (State), India (Country),

Year of Publication : 1976

Language : Urdu

Pages : 148

Contributor : Ghalib Academy, Delhi


About The Author

Azad Gulati is a name to reckon with among the poets of modern ghazal. He was born at a place called Kala Bagh in Mianwali district of Punjab. He earned his M. A. degree in English literature from Punjab University and taught at Khalsa College, Ludhiana.

Gulat has published several collections of his poetry. Some of them are Aagosh-e-Khayal,  Inkar, Jismon ka Banbas, Tikone ka Karb, Dasht-e-Sada, Nai Mausamon ke Gulab, Nai Ghazlein, and Aab-o-Saraab.

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