Author : Sharib Rudaulvi

Publisher : Shaheen Publishers, AIlahabad

Origin : Allahabad (City), Other (District), Uttar pradesh (State), India (Country)

Language : Urdu

Pages : 180

Contributor : Delhi Public Library, Dehli

jigar aur unki shakhsiyat

About The Author

Sharib Rudaulawi is a prominent critic and poet. He was born in an educated zamindaar family of Rudauli. His grandfather and father were considered as important scholars of Arabic and Persian. He received his higher education in Urdu literature from Lucknow University. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on the principles of modern literary criticism under the supervision of Professor Ehtesham Hussain which was published later and was critically acclaimed as a work of serious scholarship. 
Rudaulawi started his career as Urdu faculty member at Dayal Singh College of Delhi University. In 1990, he joined Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, as a Reader in 1990 from where he retired in 2000.  
Rudaulawi started his career as a poet but he later turned towards criticism with greater attention. His works include: Marasi-i-Anis Mein Dramayi Anaasir, Gul-e-Sad Rung, Jigar: Fun aur Shakhsiat, Afkaar-e-Sauda, Mutala-i-Wali, Tanqeedi Mutaaley, Intekhaabaat-e-Ghazal-e-Sauda, Urdu Marsia, Maasir Urdu Tanqeed, and Tanqeedi Mabaahis.  

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