Author : Fareed Parbati

Publisher : Meezan Publishers , Kashmeer

Year of Publication : 2011

Language : Urdu

Pages : 322

ISBN No./ISSN NO : 978-93-80691-21-3

Contributor : Iqbal Library, Bhopal

shah zore kashmeeri

About The Author

Eminent Urdu Poet and Critic Dr. Fareed Parbati was born on 4th Aug 1961 in Srinagar. Despite being a commerce student he was passionate about Urdu literature especially its classical poetry 'Ghazal' and 'Rubai'. A doctorate in Urdu , Mr. Fareed started working as Associate Professor in Iqbal Institute University of Kashmir. He had done a pioneering work on “Urdu Rubiyat” and was awarded by a number of Institution including Academyof Art, Culture and Language. Dr. Freed was the author of 14 books including eight poetic collections and six books on Urdu criticism . His important works include Hazaar Imkaan, Khabr e Tahayur, Ahl e watan ke naam, Fareed Nama, Hujoom-e Aina (Collection of Rubayeet), Muqaddima Sinf-e Rubayee and Tanqeed-e Rubayee. He died on 14th Dec, 2011 at Srinagar after a prolonged illness.

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