Editor : Jamshed Jahan

Shumara Number: Shumara Number-041

Publisher : Jamshed Jahan

Origin : Delhi (City), Other (District), Other (State), India (Country)

Year of Publication : 2005

Language : Urdu

Categories : Magazines

Sub Categories : Zehn-e-Jadeed

Pages : 224

Contributor : Mazhar Imam

Month : August, March

Zehne Jadid

About The Editor

Mrs Jamshed Jahan was daughter of Haq’s family (father Late Zahurul Haq and mother Late Maqsooda Haq) in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh and grand daughter-in-law of Maulana Syed Ahmed Hassan Mohaddis Amrohvi in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh. She was married to Late Zubair Razvi, a prominent Urdu poet, Secretary URDU Academy, Delhi, Director of Sports, All India Radio, Delhi and a guest lecture of Mass communication at Jamia Millia Delhi.

She had love for literature and Urdu language. She held Masters and B.Ed degrees. She worked as casual announcer in Urdu Service, All India Radio Delhi for almost 20 years. She spent few years of her life working diligently as Secretary of “Balika Chamman” an orphanage of the first lady of India Late Begum Abida Ahmed who was also a wife of the fifth President of India, Late Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed. Jamshed Jahan was affiliated with Janta Dal’s Mahila wing for some time and was engaged in numerous social work activities for the women upliftment. In 1970, Late Zubair Razvi devoted his dewaan (a collection of poems) Kisht-e-Deewar to his wife Mrs Jamshed Jahan. 
“Maikhana Chor Ghar Ki Fazaon Mein Agaey
  Hum Se Mata He Laghzishaey Pa Kaun Legaya”

Mrs Zubair was an inspiration for a ghazal written by late Zubair Razvi and is sung by Suman Devgun-

Usse Milney Ke Zamaney Aey
Kwab Ankhon Mein Suhaneay Aey

Uske Laab Uske Badan Ki Khushboo
Khali Hathoon Mein Khazaneay Aey

Aur Sab Aey Theay Peeneay Ke leay
Hum Tere Ghum ko Bhulaneay Aey….

Another ghazal written and sung in numerous Mushairas by Late Zubair Razvi originated from a demand by Mrs Zubair for a “seasonal fruit”:

“Kajra Hi Lana Na Ghajra Hi Lana Na 
 Mere Leay Mausum Ka Phal Koi Lana….

Yahan Wahan Chehron ke Madhuban Bahout Hain
Khushboo Se Bharey Hue Daaman Bahout Hain…

Pariyon ke Jungle ki Jaanib Na Jana
Mere Leay Mausum Ka Phal Koi Lana…

Shahron Ki Sarkain Ya Gaon Ka Rasteay
Yahan Wahan Chanchal Hasinon Ka khatka!

While Mrs Jamshed Jahan skillfully raised the three kids in Delhi, Late Zubair Razvi moved to different places of India for his professional development. The ghazal he dedicated to Mrs Zubair during his stay in Kashmir and is sung by Ahmed and Mohammed Hussain is as follows:

Tootey Huey Rishton Ka Har Zakhm Hara Likhna
Jab Bhi Usse Khat Likhna Adaab Mera Likhna

Who Jisneay meri Aksar Lautaee Hain Sughateay
Us Jan-e- Taaghaful Ko Koi Na Bura Likhna

Who Daur Bhi Tha Apna Jo Shauq Humain Bhi Tha
College Ki Kitabon Pe Larki Ka Pata Likhna

Urteay Hueay Sab Panchi Paerhon Pe Utar Aey
Mausum Ki Shararat Thi Baghoan Ko Hara Likhna….

In 1990, Jamshed Jahan with Late Zubair razvi started one of the leading Urdu Magazine “Zehne Jadid: Bari Zaban Ka Zinda Risala (The Living Magazine of A Prominent Language)” . This Urdu magazine was devoted to art literature and culture. It was subscribed by National and International writers, academic institutions, libraries, lovers of Urdu etc. There were few PhD students from JNU, Delhi University and Jamia Millia Islamia whose research was focussed on different aspects of Zehne Jadid magazine and Life of poet Zubair Razvi.


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