bedad par hai mail bedad karne wala

Munawwar Lakhnavi

bedad par hai mail bedad karne wala

Munawwar Lakhnavi

MORE BYMunawwar Lakhnavi

    bedād par hai bedād karne vaalā

    fariyād kar rahā hai fariyād karne vaalā

    pāband karne vaale pāband ḳhuub kar le

    āzād kar degā āzād karne vaalā

    roz-e-azal se ġhāfil terā dil hai tujh ko

    nāshād karne vaalā shaad karne vaalā

    fariyād jald sun le fariyād sunñe vaale

    māyūs ho na jaa.e fariyād karne vaalā

    aatī hai ai 'munavār' hañgām-e-naza.a hichkī

    kartā hai yaad shāyad ab yaad karne vaalā

    bedad par hai mail bedad karne wala

    fariyaad kar raha hai fariyaad karne wala

    paband karne wale paband KHub kar le

    aazad kar hi dega aazad karne wala

    roz-e-azal se ghafil tera hi dil hai tujh ko

    nashad karne wala ya shad karne wala

    fariyaad jald sun le fariyaad sunne wale

    mayus ho na jae fariyaad karne wala

    aati hai ai 'munawar' hangam-e-naza hichki

    karta hai yaad shayad ab yaad karne wala


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