bhige sher ugalte jiwan bit gaya

Aslam Kolsarii

bhige sher ugalte jiwan bit gaya

Aslam Kolsarii

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    bhīge sher ugalte jīvan biit gayā

    ThanDī aag meñ jalte jīvan biit gayā

    yuuñ to chār-qadam par merī manzil thī

    lekin chalte chalte jīvan biit gayā

    shaam Dhale us ko nadiyā par aanā thā

    sūraj Dhalte Dhalte jīvan biit gayā

    ek anokhā sapnā dekhā niiñd uḌī

    āñkheñ malte malte jīvan biit gayā

    āḳhir kis bahrūp ko apnā ruup kahūñ

    'aslam' ruup badalte jīvan biit gayā

    bhige sher ugalte jiwan bit gaya

    ThanDi aag mein jalte jiwan bit gaya

    yun to chaar-qadam par meri manzil thi

    lekin chalte chalte jiwan bit gaya

    sham Dhale us ko nadiya par aana tha

    suraj Dhalte Dhalte jiwan bit gaya

    ek anokha sapna dekha nind uDi

    aankhen malte malte jiwan bit gaya

    aaKHir kis bahrup ko apna rup kahun

    'aslam' rup badalte jiwan bit gaya


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