ishq kya husn kya fasana kya

Kalim Akhtar

ishq kya husn kya fasana kya

Kalim Akhtar

MORE BYKalim Akhtar

    ishq kyā husn kyā fasānā kyā

    ham na hoñge to rañg-e-duniyā kyā

    saaf kuchh bhī nazar nahīñ aatā

    aa.ina ho gayā hai dhuñdlā kyā

    aarzū ḳhvāb dil-lagī va.ada

    in gharoñdoñ pe kuchh bharosā kyā

    ishq kya husn kya fasana kya

    hum na honge to rang-e-duniya kya

    saf kuchh bhi nazar nahin aata

    aaina ho gaya hai dhundla kya

    aarzu KHwab dil-lagi wada

    in gharondon pe kuchh bharosa kya

    Source :
    • Book : Khayal aab (Pg. 56)
    • Author : kalim Akhtar
    • Publication : Bazm-e-magadh (2007)
    • Edition : 2007

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