itne aasuda kinare nahin achchhe lagte

Yasmeen Hameed

itne aasuda kinare nahin achchhe lagte

Yasmeen Hameed

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    itne āsūda kināre nahīñ achchhe lagte

    ek jaise nazāre nahīñ achchhe lagte

    itnī be-rabt kahānī nahīñ achchhī lagtī

    aur vāzeh bhī ishāre nahīñ achchhe lagte

    zarā dhīmī ho to ḳhushbū bhī bhalī lagtī hai

    aañkh ko rañg bhī saare nahīñ achchhe lagte

    paas aa jaa.eñ to be-nūrī muqaddar Thahre

    duur bhī itne sitāre nahīñ achchhe lagte

    apnī gumnāmī ke sahrāoñ meñ ḳhush rahtī huuñ

    ab mujhe shahr tumhāre nahīñ achchhe lagte

    itne aasuda kinare nahin achchhe lagte

    ek hi jaise nazare nahin achchhe lagte

    itni be-rabt kahani nahin achchhi lagti

    aur wazeh bhi ishaare nahin achchhe lagte

    zara dhimi ho to KHushbu bhi bhali lagti hai

    aankh ko rang bhi sare nahin achchhe lagte

    pas aa jaen to be-nuri muqaddar Thahre

    dur bhi itne sitare nahin achchhe lagte

    apni gumnami ke sahraon mein KHush rahti hun

    ab mujhe shahr tumhaare nahin achchhe lagte


    Azra Naqvi

    Azra Naqvi

    Azra Naqvi

    Itne ansuda kinare nahin ache lagte Azra Naqvi


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