jagte sote hue likhte hain

Yasmeen Hameed

jagte sote hue likhte hain

Yasmeen Hameed

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    jāgte sote hue likhte haiñ

    sher ham rote hue likhte haiñ

    jab bhī likhte haiñ mukammal ḳhud ko

    kahīñ kam hote hue likhte haiñ

    sub.h se shaam talak bhāgte haiñ

    zindagī Dhote hue likhte haiñ

    kabhī uḌte haiñ sitāroñ taraf

    un meñ gum hote hue likhte haiñ

    ḳhud-baḳhud sonā ugaltī hai zamīn

    ham to dukh bote hue likhte haiñ

    jagte sote hue likhte hain

    sher hum rote hue likhte hain

    jab bhi likhte hain mukammal KHud ko

    kahin kam hote hue likhte hain

    subh se sham talak bhagte hain

    zindagi Dhote hue likhte hain

    kabhi uDte hain sitaron ki taraf

    un mein gum hote hue likhte hain

    KHud-baKHud sona ugalti hai zamin

    hum to dukh bote hue likhte hain


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