KHizan mein oDh ke qaul-o-qarar ka mausam

Hanif Tarin

KHizan mein oDh ke qaul-o-qarar ka mausam

Hanif Tarin

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    ḳhizāñ meñ oḌh ke qaul-o-qarār mausam

    bahār DhūñD rahī hai bahār mausam

    vo mere saath nahīñ haiñ to dil ke sahrā par

    samay bikher rahā hai bahār mausam

    fareb ḳhud ko degā to aur kyā degā

    raas aa.e jise e'tibār mausam

    tumhāre qurb maddham ik harārat se

    hai Dher raakh tale intizār mausam

    KHizan mein oDh ke qaul-o-qarar ka mausam

    bahaar DhunD rahi hai bahaar ka mausam

    wo mere sath nahin hain to dil ke sahra par

    samay bikher raha hai bahaar ka mausam

    fareb KHud ko na dega to aur kya dega

    na ras aae jise e'tibar ka mausam

    tumhaare qurb ki maddham si ek hararat se

    hai Dher rakh tale intizar ka mausam


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