KHush-jamalon ki yaad aati hai

Sikandar Ali Wajd

KHush-jamalon ki yaad aati hai

Sikandar Ali Wajd

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    ḳhush-jamāloñ yaad aatī hai

    be-misāloñ yaad aatī hai

    bā.is-e-rashk mehr-o-māh the jo

    un hilāloñ yaad aatī hai

    jin āñkhoñ meñ thā surūr-e-ġhazal

    un ġhazāloñ yaad aatī hai

    sādgī lā-javāb hai jin

    un savāloñ yaad aatī hai

    KHush-jamalon ki yaad aati hai

    be-misalon ki yaad aati hai

    bais-e-rashk mehr-o-mah the jo

    un hilalon ki yaad aati hai

    jin ki aankhon mein tha surur-e-ghazal

    un ghazalon ki yaad aati hai

    sadgi la-jawab hai jin ki

    un sawalon ki yaad aati hai


    Nomaan Shauque

    Nomaan Shauque

    Nomaan Shauque

    KHush-jamalon ki yaad aati hai Nomaan Shauque


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