kisi din dhup mere sath hogi

Swapnil Tiwari

kisi din dhup mere sath hogi

Swapnil Tiwari

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    kisī din dhuup mere saath hogī

    tire saa.e pe us se baat hogī

    ḳhamoshī naam se jānegī duniyā

    ye laḌkī is qadar chup-zāt hogī

    ḳhabar kar ga.ī hai mezbāñ ko

    udāsī bhī hamāre saath hogī

    kisi din dhup mere sath hogi

    tere sae pe us se baat hogi

    KHamoshi nam se jaanegi duniya

    ye laDki is qadar chup-zat hogi

    KHabar kar di gai hai mezban ko

    udasi bhi hamare sath hogi


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