sham-e-ummid jala baiThe the

Safiya Shamim

sham-e-ummid jala baiThe the

Safiya Shamim

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    sham-e-ummīd jalā baiThe the

    dil meñ ḳhud aag lagā baiThe the

    hosh aayā to kahīñ kuchh bhī na thā

    ham bhī kis bazm meñ baiThe the

    dasht gulzār huā jaatā hai

    kyā yahāñ ahl-e-vafā baiThe the

    ab vahāñ hashr uThā karte haiñ

    kal jahāñ ahl-e-vafā baiThe the

    sham-e-ummid jala baiThe the

    dil mein KHud aag laga baiThe the

    hosh aaya to kahin kuchh bhi na tha

    hum bhi kis bazm mein ja baiThe the

    dasht gulzar hua jata hai

    kya yahan ahl-e-wafa baiThe the

    ab wahan hashr uTha karte hain

    kal jahan ahl-e-wafa baiThe the

    Source :
    • Book : Jadeed Shora-e-Urdu (Pg. 983)
    • Author : Dr. Abdul Wahid
    • Publication : Feroz sons Printers Publishers and Stationers

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