tumhein jine mein aasani bahut hai

Kumar Vishwas

tumhein jine mein aasani bahut hai

Kumar Vishwas

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    tumheñ jiine meñ āsānī bahut hai

    tumhāre ḳhuun meñ paanī bahut hai

    kabūtar ishq utre to kaise

    tumhārī chhat pe nigarānī bahut hai

    irāda kar liyā gar ḳhud-kushī

    to ḳhud aañkh paanī bahut hai

    zahar suulī ne gaalī goliyoñ ne

    hamārī zaat pahchānī bahut hai

    tumhāre dil man-mānī mirī jaañ

    hamāre dil ne bhī maanī bahut hai

    tumhein jine mein aasani bahut hai

    tumhaare KHun mein pani bahut hai

    kabutar ishq ka utre to kaise

    tumhaari chhat pe nigarani bahut hai

    irada kar liya gar KHud-kushi ka

    to KHud ki aankh ka pani bahut hai

    zahar suli ne gali goliyon ne

    hamari zat pahchani bahut hai

    tumhaare dil ki man-mani meri jaan

    hamare dil ne bhi mani bahut hai


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