zaKHm ka jo marham hote hain

Zahid Kamal

zaKHm ka jo marham hote hain

Zahid Kamal

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    zaḳhm jo marham hote haiñ

    log aise ab kam hote haiñ

    sūraj Duub ke phir ubhregā

    kyuuñ itne mātam hote haiñ

    kamsin lafzoñ ke sīnoñ meñ

    gahre matlab kam hote haiñ

    lamha lamha umr ḳhushī

    sadiyāñ sadiyāñ ġham hote haiñ

    pahle aap samundar se

    dariyā ḳhud zam hote haiñ

    zaKHm ka jo marham hote hain

    log aise ab kam hote hain

    suraj Dub ke phir ubhrega

    kyun itne matam hote hain

    kamsin lafzon ke sinon mein

    gahre matlab kam hote hain

    lamha lamha umr KHushi ki

    sadiyan sadiyan gham hote hain

    pahle aap samundar se

    dariya KHud hi zam hote hain


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