Poets/Writers From Ambala

Total: 15

Nasir Kazmi

1925 - 1972

One of the founders of modern ghazal.Born at Ambala in India, he migrated to Pakistan and wrote extensively on the pain and sufferings of partition.

Parkash Fikri

1931 - 2008

Zahirul Haq alias Prakash Fikri, was a modernist Urdu poet famous for his collections of poetry such as; Safar Sitara and Ek Zara Si Barish.

Rajinder Pal Singh, Sada Ambalvi is a popular poet who also writes in Punjabi. Famous for his ghazal 'Wo to khushbu hai har ik samt bikharnaa hai use' sung by many singers.

Saghar Siddiqui

1928 - 1974

Urdu and Punjabi poet

Hasan Rizvi

1946 - 2002

Waqar Ambalvi

1896 - 1988

Talib Dehlavi

1910 - 1975

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