Poets/Writers From Panipat

Total: 26

One of the founders of Urdu criticism. Outstanding pre-modern poet. Famous for writing Yaadgar-e-ghalib the first biography of Mirza Ghalib.

Well-known poet from Pakistan famous for his ghazal "main khayaal hoon kisi aur ka…"

Jamal Panipati

1927 - 2005

Musharraf Ahmad

1942 - 2003

Ram Riyaz

1933 - 1990

Fatima Zaidi

1930 - 1970

Rahman Nayyar

1939 - 2009

One of the most prominent new generation poets

A poet known for his poems on personalities, incidents, festivals, and topical issues. Also wrote a play called 'Hindustani Soorma'

Rasikh Dehlvi

1863 - 1907

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