Poets/Writers From Banaras

Total: 42

Most prominent playwright and poet who strengthened the tradition of play writing in Urdu language

One of the most powerful campaigners of Hindi revivalism who wrote Urdu ghazals in classical style.

Hafeez Banarasi

1933 - 2008

Kabir Ajmal

1967 - 2020

Nazeer Banarasi

1909 - 1996

Shahab Jafri

1930 - 2000

Prominent modern poet famous for his Nazm on Sun worship

Anand Banarasi

1889 - 1969

Asif Banarsi

1901 - 1977


1915 - 1937

Jaddan Bai was an Indian singer, composer also famous as the mother of yesteryear actress, Nargis. She was the first woman to be a film music director in India.


1440 - 1518

Nationalist and patriotic poet, Known for his nazm “Baghi Ka Tarana’’ Once Pandit Nehru said his nazm titled “Gharibon Ka Geet” is India's dream

Raushan Banarasi

1920 - 1985

Salma Siddiqi

1931 - 2017

A notable writer of romantic stories; also the wife of famous fiction writer Krishna Chandra.

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