Poets/Writers From Etah

Total: 11

Ameer Khusrau

1253 - 1325

First Poet of Rekhta/Hindvi. Musician and Disciple of Sufi Saint Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia. Known for his "pahelis", which form part of Indian folklore. He is famous for inventing two most important musical instruments tabla & sitar. Wrote "Ze-hal-e-miskin…" one of the earliest prototypes of Urdu ghazal written in Persian & Hindvi.

Hatim Ali Mehr

1815 - 1879

Prominent Contemporary poet and a friend of Mirza Ghalib. He was also a High Court lawyer who also served as Honorary Magistrate at Agra

Afroz Taj is a writer, poet, singer, and community leader. He produces a widely popular weekly radio program called Geet Bazaar that has thousands of listeners.

Ahsan Marahravi

1876 - 1940

One of the most prominent later – classical poets

Nasir Kas Ganjui

1928 - 2002

Swami Marahravi

1892 - 1960

Taskeen Qureshi

1899 - 1971

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