Poets/Writers From Chicago

Total: 11

Adeem Hashmi

1946 - 2001

Popular Pakistani poet who gave voice to peple's life experiences.

an American scholar of Urdu language and literature

Iftikhar Naseem

1946 - 2011

Charles H. Mayo

1865 - 1939

George W. Parker

1882 - 1931

an African-American political activist and writer who co-founded the Hamitic League of the World.

Prominent Pakstani fiction writer; received Adamji award for her novel "Aabla Paa".

Aabidullah Ghazi

1936 - 2021

Munni Begum is a famous Pakistani ghazal singer. Her teacher in music was the famous singer Ustad Khwaja Ghulam Mustafa Warsi. She was honored with the

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