aaKHiri lafz

Fatima Hasan

aaKHiri lafz

Fatima Hasan

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    patthar jism ke andar TuuTe

    paanī ruuh meñ aag jagā.e

    kaisī mohabbat kaisī nafrat

    saarī bāteñ

    lafz ret se bane gharauñde haiñ

    lafzoñ ke is khel meñ

    sab kuchh khone se achchhā hai

    pichhle zaḳhm adheḌo aur

    riste ḳhuun se apnā naam likho

    patthar jism ke andar TuTe

    pani ruh mein aag jagae

    kaisi mohabbat kaisi nafrat

    sari baaten

    lafz ki ret se bane gharaunde hain

    lafzon ke is khel mein

    sab kuchh khone se achchha hai

    pichhle zaKHm adheDo aur

    riste KHun se apna nam likho


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