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    Like Ghalib, Akbar Allahabadi too was extremely fond of mangoes. In a letter to his friend Munshi Nisar Husain, requesting him to send some mangoes during the season.

    naama na koī yaar paiġhām bhejiye

    is fasl meñ jo bhejiye bas aam bhejiye

    aisā zarūr ho ki unheñ rakh ke khā sakūñ

    puḳhta agarche biis to das ḳhaam bhejiye

    ma.alūm hai aap ko bande address

    sīdhe allahabad mire naam bhejiye

    aisā na ho ki aap ye likkheñ javāb meñ

    ta.amīl hogī pahle magar daam bhejiye

    nama na koi yar ka paigham bhejiye

    is fasl mein jo bhejiye bas aam bhejiye

    aisa zarur ho ki unhen rakh ke kha sakun

    puKHta agarche bis to das KHam bhejiye

    malum hi hai aap ko bande ka address

    sidhe allahabad mere nam bhejiye

    aisa na ho ki aap ye likkhen jawab mein

    tamil hogi pahle magar dam bhejiye

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    Urdu Studio

    Urdu Studio

    Source :
    • Book : kulliyat-e-akbar (Pg. 214)
    • Publication : farid book dipot

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