KHatre ka nishan

Farigh Bukhari

KHatre ka nishan

Farigh Bukhari

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    dā.eroñ meñ chalte chalte

    ham kahāñ tak aa ga.e

    ūñghte ūñghte

    ḳhvāb-e-girāñ tak aa ga.e

    gahre paanī meñ utar kar

    paar hone ke bajā.e

    Darte Darte ab to

    ḳhatre ke nishāñ tak aa ga.e

    daeron mein chalte chalte

    hum kahan tak aa gae

    unghte hi unghte

    KHwab-e-giran tak aa gae

    gahre pani mein utar kar

    par hone ke bajae

    Darte Darte ab to

    KHatre ke nishan tak aa gae

    Source :
    • Book : siip-volume-47 (Pg. 113)

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