registan ki dopahar

Aabid Adeeb

registan ki dopahar

Aabid Adeeb

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    yahāñ to na peḌ hai na saaya

    na ghar hai na ghar meñ rahne vaale

    na zindagī hai na koī halchal

    yahāñ to tā-hadd-e-nazar

    dhuup dhuup hai

    ret ret hai

    dhuup dhuup hai

    tan ko jhulsātī dhuup

    aag barsātī dhuup

    dhuul uḌātī dhuup

    ret uḌātī ek dam parā.ī dhuup

    yahan to na peD hai na saya

    na ghar hai na ghar mein rahne wale

    na zindagi hai na koi halchal

    yahan to ta-hadd-e-nazar

    dhup hi dhup hai

    ret hi ret hai

    dhup hi dhup hai

    tan ko jhulsati dhup

    aag barsati dhup

    dhul uDati dhup

    ret uDati ek dam parai dhup

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