KHub-surat moD

Sahir Ludhianvi

KHub-surat moD

Sahir Ludhianvi

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    Apart from being a popular poet, Sahir is well-known as a lover also. Here is an interesting episode that relates with his love for Sudha Malhotra, the extremely talented celluloid singer. Their love for each other was genuine but social taboos came in-between. Sudha was betrothed and her wedding date was announced. This was precisely when some of Sahir’s friends organised an event one evening in his honour. In this mehfil of friends, Sudha too was invited. She joined the company of friends knowing quite well that this would be her last meeting with Sahir. In this special union of close friends, several of Sahir’s poems were recited. When they asked Sahir to recite his poems, he chose to recite one of his most celebrated nazms “Khubsoorat Mode” which has a very moving line chalo ik baar phir se ajnabi ban jaaein hum donon. After Sahir finished his passionate reading of this nazm, the audience appeared emotionally moved beyond all description. Faces turned sad, eyes went moist, and an unending silence prevailed. Interestingly, this poem was also used in the film Gumraah (1963).

    chalo ik baar phir se ajnabī ban jaa.eñ ham donoñ

    na maiñ tum se koī ummīd rakhūñ dil-navāzī

    na tum merī taraf dekho ġhalat-andāz nazroñ se

    na mere dil dhaḌkan laḌkhaḌā.e merī bātoñ se

    na zāhir ho tumhārī kashmakash raaz nazroñ se

    tumheñ bhī koī uljhan roktī hai pesh-qadmī se

    mujhe bhī log kahte haiñ ki ye jalve parā.e haiñ

    mire hamrāh bhī rusvā.iyāñ haiñ mere maazī

    tumhāre saath bhī guzrī huī rātoñ ke saa.e haiñ

    ta.āruf rog ho jaa.e to us bhūlnā behtar

    ta.alluq bojh ban jaa.e to us ko toḌnā achchhā

    vo afsāna jise anjām tak laanā na ho mumkin

    use ik ḳhūb-sūrat moḌ de kar chhoḌnā achchhā

    chalo ik baar phir se ajnabī ban jaa.eñ ham donoñ

    chalo ek bar phir se ajnabi ban jaen hum donon

    na main tum se koi ummid rakhun dil-nawazi ki

    na tum meri taraf dekho ghalat-andaz nazron se

    na mere dil ki dhaDkan laDkhaDae meri baaton se

    na zahir ho tumhaari kashmakash ka raaz nazron se

    tumhein bhi koi uljhan rokti hai pesh-qadmi se

    mujhe bhi log kahte hain ki ye jalwe parae hain

    mere hamrah bhi ruswaiyan hain mere mazi ki

    tumhaare sath bhi guzri hui raaton ke sae hain

    taaruf rog ho jae to us ka bhulna behtar

    talluq bojh ban jae to us ko toDna achchha

    wo afsana jise anjam tak lana na ho mumkin

    use ek KHub-surat moD de kar chhoDna achchha

    chalo ek bar phir se ajnabi ban jaen hum donon

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    Mahendra Kapoor

    Mahendra Kapoor


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