Aadil Aseer Dehlvi's Photo'

Aadil Aseer Dehlvi

1959 - 2014 | Delhi, India

Pen Name : 'Aseer'

Real Name : Aadil Rasheed

baaqī hai ab bhī tark-e-tamannā aarzū

kyūñkar kahūñ ki koī tamannā nahīñ mujhe

baqi hai ab bhi tark-e-tamanna ki aarzu

kyunkar kahun ki koi tamanna nahin mujhe

Born in Delhi,September 1959. Real name: Aadil Rasheed. He is an important name  in children's literature in Urdu. He has published more than two dozen books of  short stories and poetry and  received many awards from different Urdu academies of India. He has written on a wide range of topics in a simple  and captivatingI way. In poetry he used  different genres, He for the first time, experimented  writing  Ribiyaat and Na'at for children.  He  obtainded his education in Anglo Arabic School, Delhi, later on did M.A in Urdu, and Honurs in Arabic. Feroz Muzzafar has compiled an important book on his literary contributions entitled " Adil Aseer Dehelvi: aik mutaleya"

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