Abdul Majeed Salik's Photo'

Abdul Majeed Salik

1894 - 1959 | Lahore, Pakistan

Pen Name : abdul majiid saalik

Real Name : abdul majeed khan

Born : 13 Dec,1894 , Gurdaspur, India

Died : 27 Sep,1959

ab nahīñ jannat mashām-e-kūcha-e-yār shamīm

nik.hat-e-zulf kyā huī bād-e-sabā ko kyā huā

ab nahin jannat masham-e-kucha-e-yar ki shamim

nikhat-e-zulf kya hui baad-e-saba ko kya hua

A successful journalist, a notable essayist and poet Abdul Majeed Salik was born on 13th Dec 1895 at Batalh district Gurdaspur. His columns, articles, essays had been published in various literary magazines and newspapers. He started writing poetry at an early age of 14. Most of his Nazms are painted with the colour of patriotism which motivated the people of that era and filled them with a new energy. His poetic collection 'Raah-o-rasme Manzilha' was published in 1922. He was the editor of magazines 'Tahzeeb-e-nasvaan', 'phool'. 'Zameendar' was an institution he was associated with.

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