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Ashfaq Husain

1951 | Canada

Prominent Urdu poet from Canada having progressive leaning.

Prominent Urdu poet from Canada having progressive leaning.

Pen Name : 'Ashfaq'

Real Name : Ashfaque Hussain

Born : 01 Jan 1951 | Karachi, Sindh

LCCN :n81009299

bahut chhoTā dil aur is meñ ik chhoTī ḳhvāhish

so ye ḳhvāhish bhī ab nīlām karne ke liye hai

bahut chhoTa sa dil aur is mein ek chhoTi si KHwahish

so ye KHwahish bhi ab nilam karne ke liye hai

Poets are destined to respond to the callings of new lands. Ashfaque Husain was such a poet who moved to Canada from Karachi where he runs a traveling agency. He writes under the pen name, Ashaque. He was born on 1st January 1951 in Karachi. He did his elementary education from Jacob Line Government High School. Later, remaining a student of Karachi government college nazimabad, national college and islamia college he finished his M.A from Karachi university. He had been an employ of government college korangi,  and Karachi arts counsel. In 1980 he bid a good bye to his land and reached Canada where he inaugurated the urdu international  that had been published from 1982 to 1985. he wrote critical essays aswell. Ham Ajnabi Hain, Faiz Ek Jaiza, Faiz Ke Maghribi Hawaley are the collections of his creative works

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