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Dheerendra Singh Faiyaz

1987 | Indore, India

Profile of Dheerendra Singh Faiyaz

Real Name : Dheerendra Singh

Born : 10 Jul 1987 | Chandla, Madhya Pradesh

Dheerendra Singh Fayyaz is a keen reader of Urdu,  Hindi and English literature as well. His studies and researches are comprehensive and he keeps a sharp eye on current literary and poetic affairs. He is as much a wholehearted writer and poet, as a serious reader. He holds reverence and a  valuable position among the contemporary thinkers in the world of urdu poetry. He is born in 1987 in Chandla, a town near Khajuraho, and currently resides in Indore. His English novel "Wounded Mumbai" based on the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, received an acclaimation to be the Best Seller by the Times of India group in  2012. His firm grip on grammatical approach in urdu poetry also makes him popular among young learners in the field of literature. He has also completed the draft of a book regarding grammar in Urdu poetry for learners ''Ilm mein bhi suroor hai lekin", which is soon to be published.

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aah ko chahiye ek umr asar hote tak SHAMSUR RAHMAN FARUQI