Ezaz Ahmad Azar's Photo'

Ezaz Ahmad Azar

1942 | Pakistan

Pen Name : 'Azar'

Real Name : Ezaz Ahmad

Born : 25 Dec 1942 | Punjab

bichhaḌne vaale ne vaqt-e-ruḳhsat kuchh is nazar se palaT ke dekhā

ki jaise vo bhī ye kah rahā ho tum apne ghar ḳhayāl rakhnā

bichhaDne wale ne waqt-e-ruKHsat kuchh is nazar se palaT ke dekha

ki jaise wo bhi ye kah raha ho tum apne ghar ka KHayal rakhna

Ezaz Ahmad who writes using the pen name, Aazar, was a poet who was excellent in studies. This can be measured by his completion of Masters in Urdu, Punjabi and Political Science respectively. In addition to this, he also acquired degrees in education and law. For some time, he worked for academics and pursued law and later, he was appointed as the resident director in a department within the Ministry of Broadcasting and Information of Pakistan. Thereafter, he was promoted to the post of Deputy Director General in the same department. Along with Urdu, he also writes poetry in Punjabi. Dhyan Ki Sedhiyan, Muhabbat Shoal Thi, Titli Phool Aur Chaand and Dhoop Ka Gulabi Rang are the collections of his poetry.


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