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faiz anwar

1965 | Mumbai, India

Real Name : ٖFaiz anwar

Born : 09 Mar 1965 | Amraudha, Uttar pradesh

jāgte jāgte ik umr kaTī ho jaise

jaan baaqī hai magar saañs rukī ho jaise

jagte jagte ek umr kaTi ho jaise

jaan baqi hai magar sans ruki ho jaise

Noted lyricist, poet Faiz Anwer was born on 9th March 1965 in Amraudha, Kanpur. Faiz, accidently met playback singer and music director Roop Kumar Rathod on his visit to Mumbai who later introduced him to Mahesh Bhatt. He got his first break as a lyricist for Bhatt sahib’s movie ‘Dil hai ke manta nahi’. The song which has the same title made him famous overnight and he never looked back since then. He has also penned geet for various big hits including ‘Saajan’, ‘Imtehan’, ‘Jab We Met’,‘Dabang’, etc. Faiz Anwer who was nominated for his debut song ‘dil hai ke manta nahin’has also written poems that gained him wide acclamation.

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