Ghani Dehlvi

1925 | Karachi, Pakistan

Pen Name : 'Gani'

Real Name : Abdul Ghani

He was a wanderer in the true sense, such that he never stayed at any one place for a long time. His name was Abdul Ghani, but he became Ghani Delhvi when he wrote poetry. He was born around 1925 and before partition most of his life was spent in Delhi. Bad times made him an endless wanderer. He spent some time at the famous shrine of Hazrat Nizamuddin and sometime at the shrine of Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz. Sometimes he joined the ecstasy of the Sadhus at the temple of Haridwar and sometimes he was found joy while taking a dip in the Ganges, at sunrise in Benaras. In 1947 his relatives were murdered in cold blood, so he migrated to Karachi. Rafeeq Rewadvi was his teacher and guide. Shakhsaar, Joo-E-Baar, Azan-E-Sahar, Naseem-E-Hijaz, Taar-E-Rabab and Hadees-E-Junun are the collections of his poetry.

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