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Hanif Tarin


Pen Name : 'Haneef'

Real Name : Haneef Shah Khan

Born : 01 Oct 1951

bastī ke hassās diloñ ko chubhtā hai

sannāTā jab saarī raat nahīñ hotā

basti ke hassas dilon ko chubhta hai

sannaTa jab sari raat nahin hota

Haneef Shah Khan was born on 1st October 1951 in Sambhal. He is an M.D in medicine and is a doctor by occupation. He has been living in Saudi Arabia since 9 March 1982. He writes under the pen name, Haneef. Rabab-E-Sehra, Kisht-E-Ghazal Numa; Zameen La Pata Rahi, Ababeelein Nahi Aayien, Baaghi Sachchey Hote Hain are the titles of his collections.

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