Khwaja Sajid's Photo'

Khwaja Sajid

1968 | Nagpur, India

Real Name : Khwaja Badrudduja Sajid

Born : 21 Nov 1968 | Akola, Maharashtra

Khwaja Badrudduja, popular as Khwaja Sajid, an Engineer, Management Consultant and a Life Coach, belongs to Nagpur (Maharashtra, Central India). He  has started his poetic journey in late nineties. A modern generation poet, known for his versatile but simple depiction of the complexities of relationship, love and life. His playfulness of words, idioms and phrases to depict the  proximity and intensity of relationship is distinct. A poet of an extraordinary creative command, tone and style is unique in his contemporary modern poets. He uses the metaphors Khushboo, Saans, Shyaam, Radha, Panghat, Ghaagar and Chand  with finesse. He also writes Mahiya, Haiku, Short stories and Afsana.

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