M Kothiyavi Rahi

- 2005

Real Name : M Kothiyavi

Died : 21 Sep 2005

M. Kothiawi Rahi is known as a poet associated with Progressive Writers Movement. He was born at Azamgarh. His ancestors had migrated from Iran and settled in Delhi. Later, they shifted to Azamgarh and settled in a village called Kothia.
Rahi was a poet, short story writer, novelist, and playwright. He also published a literary magazine called Adabi Asnaaf on his own and a weekly called Ishteraak under the patronage of Firaq Gorakhpuri. In all his writings, he emerged as a typical Progressive writer. Some of his works include Kasak, Ye Geet Hamare Hain, Manzil Manzil, Khoon Baha, Zaitoon ke Paid, Shafaq ke Phool, Shahr-e-BeKhwab, Jale Paid ki Cchaon (poetry) Jhootey Sanam, Andhera Shahr, Ashk-e-Sung, Zaad-e-Safar (fiction). Rahi died on 21 September, 2005 at Gorakhpur.