Maikash Badayuni's Photo'

Maikash Badayuni

1925 - 1989 | Aligarh, India

Pen Name : 'Maikash'

Real Name : Rafiq Ahmad Siddiqui

Born :Aligarh, Uttar pradesh

Relatives : Zia Ahmad Badayuni (Father)

Rafiq Ahmad Siddiqui (1925-1989)  born in Badar Bagh, Aligarh was son of renowned Persian scholar Prof. Emeritus .Zia Ahmad Badauni. Rafique sb. used to write under the name of Maikash Badayuni. His poems are full of pathos, emotions, love, betrayal, beauty etc. Above all patriotism was also an attribute of his poetry. He believed in  simple living and used to stay away from the tantrums of the society; the bigot tinsel town and the illumination of this artificial world. He was indeed a poet who believed in real sainthood. His work has been compiled in the form of books among which most popular are "Maikyadah" and "Silk-e- gauhar" while some of his work has remain unpublished due to his untimely and sudden death.

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