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Mirza Mohammad Hadi Aziz Lakhnavi's Photo'

Mirza Mohammad Hadi Aziz Lakhnavi

1882 - 1935 | Lucknow, India

One of the most prominent masters of Classical ghazal from Lucknow

One of the most prominent masters of Classical ghazal from Lucknow

Profile of Mirza Mohammad Hadi Aziz Lakhnavi

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bhulta hi nahin aalam teri angDai ka

Aziz Lakhnavi was considered to be one of the distinguished Persian and Urdu scholars of his time. He was born on 14 March 1882 in Lucknow and was named Mirza Mohammad Hadi. His ancestors had come to India from Shiraz. They settled in Kashmir first but during the reign of Awadh nobles they shifted to Lucknow. His family was renowned for its scholarship. He received his early education at home. His father passed away when he was only seven but he continued his education. He later taught Persian and Urdu at Ameenabad School. Later, he was appointed the guardian of the siblings of Ali Mohammad Khan Maharaja of Mahmoodabad and spent all his life there.

A disciple of Safi Lucknavi, Aziz practised all poetical forms. He enjoys a respectable reputation as a qasida poet who exploited the magnanimity of language and vitality of imagination.  

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