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Muzaffar Warsi

1933 - 2011 | Lahore, Pakistan

Profile of Muzaffar Warsi

Pen Name : 'muzaffar'

Real Name : Mohammad Muzaffar ud din Siddiqui

Born : 23 Dec 1933 | Meerut, Uttar pradesh

Died : 28 Jan 2011

kuchh na kahne se bhī chhin jaatā hai ejāz-e-suḳhan

zulm sahne se bhī zālim madad hotī hai

kuchh na kahne se bhi chhin jata hai ejaz-e-suKHan

zulm sahne se bhi zalim ki madad hoti hai

Muzaffar Warsi was a prominent Urdu poet, critic, essayist, lyricist, and scholar of Pakistan. He was born on 20 December 1933 in Meerut as Mohammad Muzaffar ud din Siddiqui into the family of landlords. Warsi used to work for State Bank of Pakistan as Deputy Treasurer. Muzaffar Warsi started his poetry by writing lyrics for songs for Pakistani movies but gradually changed direction and his style of poetry became more oriented towards writing Hamd and Naats. He will always be remembered for the great songs of film Hamrahi in Pakistan. He used to write stanza on current affairs in the Newspaper Nawa e Waqt. Warsi received Pride of Performance awrd from Pakistan Government. His published books include Barf ki Nao, Baab-e-Haram, Lehja, Noor-e-Azal, Alhamd, Hisaar, Lahoo ki Haryali, Sitaron ki Aabjoo, Kaaba-e-Ishq, Khule dareechey band hawa, Dil sey dar-e-Nabi tak, Zulm na sehna Kamand. He died on January 28, 2011 in Lahore.

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