Navak Hamzapuri's Photo'

Navak Hamzapuri

1933 | Gaya, India

Real Name : Ghulamussayyedain

Born : 12 Apr 1933 | Gaya, Bihar

Navak Hamzapuri has tried to revive the moral traditions that we are forgetting in the radiance of new lights through his short stories. He tries to save humanity from mental and material conflict and has depicted his ideas in his works ‘Mutaliba’, ‘Talash Naye Ufuq Ki’, ‘Climax’, and more.
Navak Sahib has thoroughly reflected today's society and has tried to manifest the undiscovered aspects of religion and women. He considers it his moral duty to support the troubled and oppressed. His greatest virtue is his flawless style of narration; almost all his stories have an element of reality that an average reader can easily understand.
It is impossible to have such an expression without mastering the nuances of the language. He considers literature as a mirror of life and emphasizes on narration and that’s why his stories are eloquent. On one hand, in ‘Vasia Aangan’ he gives words to the songs of women singing ‘Tere Naina Guunj Rahe Hain’ to the beat of Dholak, performing in streets, and on the other, in ‘Ek Gosha’, the old women of the colonies are busy in greedily scanning the belongings of a new bride. Among other notable stories written by him are, ‘Mutaliba’, Naqsha’, and ‘Navishta Taqdir’.

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